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In technical terms, a flat roof is known as “low-pitch” due to its low slope/horizontal design. The material that covers this type of roof is known as a “membrane” that is used to waterproof it. Although relatively flat, materials used to cover these roofs are generally inclined to permit water runoff in order to avoid water damage. When it comes to flat roofing, we offer products from the experts at IB Roof Systems. IB Roof Systems provides the solution to all known flat roofing problems such as leaks and tricky repairs.

IB roof is a single-ply polyester-reinforced CPA/PVC membrane. IB’s original design comes from Europe, where engineers of the Post-War era were faced with massive industrial and residential re-building. They had to create a roofing product that would last a long time, while minimizing energy and maintenance costs.

IB offers a premium line of high performance, durable PVC roofing membranes that have withstood the test of time. Select IB single ply roof membranes and assemblies are available for use over a wide range of applications. All are constructed to offer superior handling and ease of installation for the contractor. IB membranes are available with polyester scrim or fiberglass reinforcements in both smooth and fleece back format suitable for use over a broad range of substrates and insulations, designed for easy use with a variety of installation methods.

IB single ply roof systems are tested and approved for use over a large variety of high-performance, rigid thermal roof insulations, cover boards and recover boards for maximum design versatility and installation efficiency. IB Energy Board II and Energy Board III insulation products are constructed from thermally efficient, high R-value polyisocyanurate cores with strong, durable fasteners.


  • Reliable: IB Roof Systems is so confident in their roofing systems that they offer up to a 25 year 100% non-prorated warranty on all commercial applications.
  • Quality Assurance: IB Roof Systems authorizes each contractor that installs their roof systems.
  • Energy Savings: A white IB membrane can reduce your energy consumption and your rising electric bills.
  • A “Green” Choice: IB understands the need to utilize natural resources efficiently. This is why IB membranes are designed to be 100% recyclable. IB works with the environment, not against it.
  • Durable: Unlike other roofing systems, IB forms permanent, watertight seams that are heat welded. These ensure a longer life for your roof.
  • Fire and Wind Resistant: These roofs do not catch fire easily, burn slowly, and self extinguish when the source of flame is removed. Due to their durable seams, these roofs are remarkably wind resistant.

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Roof age should be considered when determining whether a roof needs replacement or not. In addition to this, we recommend inspecting your roof at least once a year to look for things such as cracked, warped, or missing shingles as well as signs from inside the structure such as peeling wallpaper or cracked paint. If you notice any of these signs you should call one of our roofing experts over to take a look.
Although the exact number depends on the type of composite shingle chosen and the yearly amount of wear and tear on the roof, they can last up to 50 years.
Yes. Most composite roofing products come with warranties between 10 and 50 year non-prorated. For more information about warranties, please click on the following link: Warranties
This will depend on factors such as the square footage of your job, how steep your roof is, and the type of roof being installed. On average, installing a new roof takes less than one week of work, but additional time is always needed in order to pass the County’s inspection. The time an inspection takes depends on which County house we need to go to.


Flat roof (IB brown), Commercial

Composition and IB roof

Composition IB residential re roof

Flat re roof – IB 50 mil Grey