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Although one of the pricier options, metal roofs are durable, longer lasting than most roofing materials, and have a sleek design that looks great on many house styles such as cabins, contemporary and cottage homes. Additionally, metal roofs are made from about 28% recycled material, making it a “green” roofing option.

Metal roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions. For example, Metal Roofing Systems have passed wind and uplift tests including UL 580: a rigorously demanding test of roofing materials that simulates wind speeds over 120 miles per hour. Our metal roofing systems also lead the way in fire protection for your home. Many wildfires spread from home to home, consuming both possessions and life. Oftentimes, these fires start on the rooftops caused by wind-blown sparks and embers.

With a Metal Roofing System, you can rest easy knowing that your home and family are protected from deadly and destructive flames by non-combustible roofing materials. While the initial cost for a premium metal roof is higher than most other roofing materials, you’ll save money in the long run. A metal roof can last a lifetime also increase the resale value of your home.

There are many varieties of metal roofing to choose from. Below we have provided information on two most commonly used:

Standing Seam: Standing Seam roofing is our most popular style. It has raised sections every 16 or 18 inches wich are installed vertically, which compliments your home with a clean appearance. This particular style is preferred by architects for its clean contemporary look. Standing seam can be found on a variety of homes ranging from small cabins to large masterpieces.

Metal Shingle-style: This variety is very different when compared to traditional standing seam style roofing. The homeowner has the opportunity of choosing a variety of styles and shapes. The metal can be fabricated to imitate Spanish tile, wood shakes, or architectural slate to name a few. Finishes to choose from may include granulated-stone topcoats to compliment the realistic effect.


  • Durable: long lasting and resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is a low maintenance system, requiring little more than keeping debris off the surface.
  • Fireproof: metal panels or shingles will not catch fire, and are considered the safest roofing material.
  • Recyclable: metal roofs are one hundred percent recyclable. The old material can be used over and over again in different roofing applications. Many salvage companies offer old metal roofing materials for those who need to match materials on an existing structure.


Sheffield Metals provide metal roofs for both residential and commercial buildings. With one of its five locations located in San Jose California, Sheffield Metals is conveniently located and provides quality materials with a variety of color options.

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Metal roofs are one of the longest lasting roofing systems we offer. Although dependent on yearly wear and tear, metal roofs generally last a lifetime.
Although the exact number depends on the type of composite shingle chosen and the yearly amount of wear and tear on the roof, they can last up to 50 years.
This depends on the manufacturer and the material used to build the metal panels. If you decide to work with our preferred metal supplier, Sheffield, they offer warranties between 25 to 50 years on the paint of the panels depending on the project’s location. For example, a home located on the coast will come with a warranty of 25 years. If you would like to read more about Sheffield’s warranties, please click on the following link: Warranties
This will depend on factors such as the square footage of your job, how steep your roof is, and the type of roof being installed. On average, installing a new roof takes less than one week of work, but additional time is always needed in order to pass the County’s inspection. The time an inspection takes depends on which County house we need to go to.


Metal roof

Metal roof

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Metal roof

Metal roof

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